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CHINA, Calif., Nov. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gizmogo, a company focused on responsibly recycling…

CHINA, Calif., Nov. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gizmogo, a company focused on responsibly recycling e-waste, is developing a national program that teaches students the value of responsibly recycling their old electronics.

Amid an ongoing pandemic, technology has become a vital component of education. Thousands of new electronic devices are purchased to support virtual and hybrid learning models, and as a result, many used devices end up in landfills. As the use of technology grows, we must ensure used devices are properly recycled to mitigate the accumulation of e-waste.

E-waste refers to used electronics such as old phones, laptops, and tablets. Although e-waste represents only 2 percent of America’s trash, it comprises more than  70 percent of the country’s overall toxic waste. If used electronics are not properly recycled by a professional, hazardous chemicals like cadmium, lead, mercury, and more can soak into the soil and water, threatening the community at large, but tossing your device in a drawer and forgetting about it can result in the device being stolen, making your sensitive data accessible.

Rather than allowing your old electronics poison the planet, collect dust, or fall into the hands of a malicious stranger, Gizmogo urges you to sell your unwanted devices to them instead. Gizmogo makes it easy for people to quickly and securely sell their gadgets at the highest possible price and walk away with cash, knowing the device will be properly wiped of all private information and responsibly recycled. CIO Steven Vasquez says, “We’ll take anything from phones, laptops, drones, iPods, televisions, speakers, headphones… You name it, we’ll buy it from you!”

The process is simple: Sellers can get an instant quote from Gizmogo’s website, calculated based on the device year, model, storage capacity, condition, and other factors. Gizmogo provides a complimentary shipping label, so sellers can send their devices in free of charge. After a Gizmogo technician evaluates the device, the company sends a formal offer. Once the seller approves the offer, Gizmogo sends payment in one business day via Paypal, electronic transfer, check, Amazon gift card, or charitable contribution.

One of the major ways we can reduce e-waste is by extending the lifecycle of existing devices. Gizmogo technicians refurbish and resell old devices at a fraction of their original cost, providing lower-income communities and students with cost-effective technology that is progressively becoming an integral part of the American education system. If the device can’t be refurbished, Gizmogo technicians disassemble it completely to ensure each component is reused or properly recycled—keeping it away from our soil, plants, wildlife, and waterways.

Over the course of a week, the students and parents of Palos Verdes donated 348 of their old devices as a part of Gizmogo’s inaugural school donation program. The superintendent of the Palos Verdes Unified School district, Alex Cherniss, joined Gizmogo executives and members of the Peninsula Education Foundation (PEF) last Wednesday for a check presentation. The $2,147 Gizmogo would have paid in cash reimbursements was instead donated to the PEF. As more schools teach civic responsibility through care for the environment, Gizmogo plans to grow the donation program by expanding the number of schools and providing teachers with materials to help students understand how e-waste impacts the environment.

With the holidays just around the corner, another surge in electronics purchases ensures that consumers will be looking for a way to unload old devices. Gizmogo urges everyone to visit their site at  to learn how they can help save the environment by selling their old tech instead of trashing it.

About Gizmogo: Founded in 2020, Gizmogo makes it easy for people to quickly sell their used gadgets at the highest possible price and walk away with cash. Gizmogo puts each device through a rigorous data deletion process, ensuring the destruction of all private information. If you have any questions about Gizmogo’s environmental initiatives or selling old devices, please do not hesitate to contact their PR department at [email protected].

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